The beacon of light

iOS 7.0 is a completely redesigned operating system. The surface changes are so blatant that many have overlooked tons of new features hidden under the hood. One of those features is iBeacons. These are tiny, low-power devices that can be used for a whole new category of applications, opening up venues for App Store competitiveness […]

Is there anything left for Blackberry?

BlackBerry should consider selling its assets to a single buyer. The technology (the phones, the OS, BES) will be difficult to split up and sell off. Everything is so inextricably linked (something BlackBerry management boasted of) it doesn’t make much sense to unravel it all. There’s very little magic still left in mobile hardware anyway. […]

Does this make NFC dead?

Several months back I has made a comment about NFC, well, maybe more of a reference about it. I think more now than ever that this technology is harder to justify. The problems are slowly becoming evident but I wont bore you with that, but instead lets look at what Apple have just release in […]

Change your GPX data file

A few days ago I went for a ride, around 50km, and had all my Garmin products running – including heart rate monitor and cadence sensor. The Garmin heart rate monitor started to produce some very weird numbers during my ride. Lets just say that my heart rate has never come close to 263bpm. I […]