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Mining isn’t done in the ground anymore – the BitCoin revolution

In William Shakespeare’s key play Hamlet, Polonius educates his son Laertes that he should “neither a borrower nor a lender be”. Bitcoin, the first widespread, virtual currency subverts this concept, ensuring that no one has to be buyer or seller beholden to a financial intermediary to make payments. What is BitCoin? Bitcoin works like a ...

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The changing face of retail in Australia

Australia is far ahead of any developing nation when it comes to the adoption of smartphones and tablets however its a far cry from the experience they will have inside of a retail store. Below is some insight for the retailer and how the consumer is wanting to interact and much more. The changing face ...

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Answering the obvious

If you only do things where you know the answer in advance, your company goes away. — Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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Jump the tracks

Original ideas are hiding all around us, we just can’t see them. You have to force your brain to jump the tracks of normal thought – Kevin Rose.

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Engagement equals success

Using device sales as a measure of hardware success is like using registered users as a measure of software success. Engagement matters. – Zal Bilimoria

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Are there smoke signals?

The signal for what that future will look like won’t come from the established platforms of today. They will echo out of the dorms of today and tomorrow. – Shervin Pishevar

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The demise

The once safe place to be was the server and the software that powered business. The more I speak with businesses, the more I now know that incumbents (software) are being ripped out quicker than the speed of light. The heart of business is now bound for the cloud. If you are an incumbent then ...

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The beacon of light

iOS 7.0 is a completely redesigned operating system. The surface changes are so blatant that many have overlooked tons of new features hidden under the hood. One of those features is iBeacons. These are tiny, low-power devices that can be used for a whole new category of applications, opening up venues for App Store competitiveness ...

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Is there anything left for Blackberry?

BlackBerry should consider selling its assets to a single buyer. The technology (the phones, the OS, BES) will be difficult to split up and sell off. Everything is so inextricably linked (something BlackBerry management boasted of) it doesn’t make much sense to unravel it all. There’s very little magic still left in mobile hardware anyway. ...

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